Usman Rao

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Usman Rao
Usman rao.jpg
Other namesJelly
EducationB Com Passed
OccupationIndian Entrepreneur
Known forYoutuber, Ceo of Jelly143
Net worth566$
AwardsEt Awards, Youtube Silver

Personal life Usman has a Bachelor of commerce from ccs University, meerut india. Usman Rao Entrepreneur who ceo & founder Jelly143, ij team Usman's name on google realised February 2020 top 50 entrepreneur in India 2019, Qualifications do play an integral role in career building. But if any person possesses great practical knowledge and is skilled, then there’s no stopping for him to get ahead in life. Establishing himself as one of the smartest and youngest names in digital marketing, Usman Rao "Jelly" is a digital expert and a marketer from Saharanpur district of utter pardes. He started his journey of entrepreneurship at the age of 18. Getting out of the world of books, he made a firm decision to drop out of college and launched his own startup called 'Jelly143' in 2018. Coming from a small town, it took time for him to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and now he is running fast towards his goal after dropping out of college, he learnt digital marketing by watching videos on YouTube and took up a lot of jobs as a freelancer. “I learnt new strategies every day and started implementing them on the projects that I took. Initially, I did not know what direction now ceo of jelly143

Education Usman completed b com from Ccs University Meerut, Uttar Pardes India

Career in 2017 he started his Digital career as a youtube channel ij team and 2019 realse company Jelly143 .