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Sheikh Asif

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Sheikh Asif Blue Badge.png
شیخ آصف
शेख आसिफ
Sheikh Asif.jpg
Born (1993-08-29) August 29, 1993 (age 27)
Years active2010
OrganizationThames Infotech
Known forProvide Free Computer Classes
Home townKashmir
TitleCEO & Founder
  • Ghulam Rasool (father)
  • Hajhra (mother)

Sheikh Asif (شیخ آصف) (शेख आसिफ) Blue Badge.pngis an Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Business Consultant & CEO / Founder at Thames Infotech A Manchester based Web agency have office in Kashmir India also.Sheikh Asif Provice Free Computer Classes in Kashmir and free Digital Marketing Classes Throwout the globe.

Early Life

Sheikh Asif Started Working at Thames Infotech as a graphics designer in 2015 , in June 2016 the founder left the company and sold it to Sheikh Asif after that Sheikh Asif hired some guys and made a group and started working from home. In 2018 they rent an office in Manchester UK.


In 2009 Asif started working with a telecom company as a senior computer operator and administrator after that Sheikh Asif start learning coding by own-self. in 2014 Asif left all jobs because he was not satisfy with the work because he believe that owning a company and work hard on own business is better then work with any company. Asif faced many problems in starting business but he didn't gave-up on it. Asif follows Jack Ma Business Strategies.

Sheikh Asif is a hard-working person that always turns fruitful and he always enjoy the journey of his work. Because he believe one should not only enjoy the goal but the whole journey to reach the goal. Albeit he believe in honesty, honesty towards his work, towards his company, towards his customers.


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