Rohnit Roy

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Rohnit Roy
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Rohnit Roy is founder of Digitalite Solutions.
Mandla, M.P
OccupationEntrepreneur & Student
Known forRed Bull of Influencers
Notable work
CO-Founded a Digital Media Agency & Media Production Company

Rohnit Roy is founder of Digitalite Solutions He along with his school mate, started this media company. Their aim is to manage influencers’ community and build youtubers across the nation.

Rohnit started this company on 4 th August 2019 , with the making of the logo. After more than five months of hard-work and accumulation of team, this company was registered on 22 nd January 2020 with Startup India, an initiative by the Govt. of India. They started with a small team of 2-3 members, including Rohnit. Today they have 6 head members, each heading in their respective fields. With a massive influencer connection of more than, 100+ people, Rohnit is definitely the Red-Bull of influencers. With the help of this, they were able to open two ore connected companies named – Famous Duniya and Ace Pocket Media. Famous Duniya is a unique ‘Talent Management’, ‘Influencer Marketing’ and ‘Celeb Collaboration’ social media agency, which aims to promote small and new brands/start-ups. They believe in progressing with everybody after all, if everyone is moving forward, success takes care of itself. Nothing comes easy in this world. There were many problems, many hurdles, which came on their beautiful journey. Rohnit, at one point thought to drop this idea and move on, but he still had hopes. He took the load and gave his 200% to bring the company at this stage. They had very few connections and their brand awareness was drastically low. They teamed up and decided to work together, in order to increase their reputation.

Within, one year, Digitalite Solutions, has collaborated with 10+ brands, thanks to Himansh Kohli, who proved to be a game changer in their journey. Today, they have reached a level, where they can proudly say that thy begun from a scratch and made a beautiful sculpture in the form of Digitalite Solutions. They believe that “Success is not destination, it’s a Journey”.