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Geography and place



Not to be used on an article about a specific place, but on lists, events [census] etc.


* green : Infobox settlement (only) * blue : Infobox settlement wrapper and optionally Infobox settlement (light blue : 1 wrapper, medium blue : 2 wrappers, dark blue : 3 or more wrappers) * red : other infobox (light: 1 , medium : 2, dark : 3 or more) and optionally Infobox settlement and wrappers Data source: Wikipedia:List of infoboxes/Geography and place#Place

Template:Image frame

To be used on article about a specific place

The following country-specific are grouped into two lists, depending on whether they use Infobox settlement. Within the lists they are grouped by country and sorted by ISO alpha-3 country code.

Buildings and structures

Entertainment venues and structures

Historic sites and structures

Other buildings and structures