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FAME Publish

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FAME Publish
FoundedJune 2015; 5 years ago (2015-06)
FounderSunil Butolia
OwnerFAME Internet

FAME Publish Blue Badge.png is an Indian company that provides digital technology and media to support individuals struggling to find success. It was founded in June 2015 by Sunil Butolia. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India and has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Rajasthan.

It features articles on actors, dancers, artists, sculptors and other talented individuals. It publishes regular features on celebrities, tourism and arts. Launched in August 2015, this magazine targets the talented Indian community, domestic and abroad. But recently it has also started publishing non-Indian artists who have an interest in Indian culture and art forms.[1][2]


The magazine also welcomes guest artists of various nationalities to showcase their India-centric works. A number of celebrities have been featured in the magazine who have created a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry now. Featured artists include Gaurav Medatwal, Sachin Vashist,[3][4] Khushboo Prasad,[5][6] Suman Prasad, Kamibekami, Jorge Silva, Colin Hudak, Shiv Khoiwal[7], Divya Kakran, Vaishnavi Puja Gautam, Barkha Sonkar, Freya Fox (Janelle Kao),[8] Indrajeet Singh[9] and Jovaun Battle.[10][11][12]

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